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Preserving analog media can be surprisingly complicated and no two projects are alike. By filling out this form you are giving us details that help us determine a cost estimate, and jump start into a more in-depth conversation about your preservation needs. Please note that large projects (10 or more tapes) benefit from an inventory. Our inventory tool, AV Compass, can help you get organized. 

This form is for those who are seeking our services. If you have a general question about preservation or digitization, contact our department directly (415-558-2158 | 

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Our pricing is based on format and tape duration. If you don't know the duration of the tape, please include the maximum duration in minutes according to the manufacturer (usually found in the model number of the tape), or give us your best guess. Here, you can upload list of those tapes from your collection selected for digitization. 
Include the format (VHS, Betacam, etc.) and the estimated duration (30 min., 90 min., etc).
Digital File Specifications and Access Preferences 
Let us know the format type and how long the tape(s) are:
Our video digitization services include one preservation master file and one derivative per tape. Please choose your file format preferences. FADGI's comparison chart may help you choose the right preservation format for your needs. 

Audio digitization services follow CAVPP's recommendations for target specifications. 

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