Application for Fiscal Sponsorship

Note: In an attempt to better align with other similar opportunities, many sections of this application are compliant with IDA's Documentary Core Application.

You must become a BAVC member at any level by the in order to be applicable for Fiscal Sponsorship. Yo
u can chose to pay at the $10, $40, $120, or $240 level according to your needs and means. Applicants who do not have an active BAVC membership and have not reached out to have the membership requirement waived due to financial hardship, will be disqualified. All memberships are good for one year from the purchase date. With your membership you will be eligible for additional programs, services, and benefits. Sign up for BAVC membership here

1. Applicant Information
Name and Contact Information

Current Street Address

Ex: 2727 Mariposa St. 

ex: San Francisco

2. Project Description

3. Audience and Distribution

4. Key Creative Personnel

5. Fundraising Strategy and Project Budget

6. Work Sample
Provide a link to an online work sample for the project you're applying with. Use a Vimeo, Blip, YouTube, or any other URL that allows for instant streaming, and include the password or other login information, if necessary, in the field below. 

URL for the work sample. Do not include any other text or spaces here, and use the full URL starting with http://.

7. Supplemental Information